In go SUSTAIN® pool products...
...out comes Shimmering, Crystal Clean Water

Use Sustain® Summer Shield chlorine extender once a season.

3-Part System

Sustain® Summer Shield Chlorine Extender provides your pool with an extra level of protection against algae. It does this by creating a reserve, or back-up, of chlorine fighting power, that is released on-demand whenever routine sanitizing levels suddenly drop like after a rainstorm or pool party. Used according to label directions, one dose will last all summer (150 days)*.

Sustain® 3-Inch Blue Chlorinating Tablets, used according to label directions, will keep your pool looking great by providing routine sanitizing power all week long. These tablets contain a patented erosion modifier that allows them to deliver chlorine more consistently than conventional (white) tablets. The dispenser cup packed inside every bucket allows you to control just the right amount of chlorine for your pool with an easy-to-use adjustable lid.
Use Sustain® 3-Inch Blue Chlorinating Tablets Once a Week

Use Sustain® Shield Energizer Tablets Once a Week
Sustain® ¾-Inch Shield Energizer Tablets make the shocking process simple, quick and effective. Every time you use Energizer tablets, you replenish your Summer Shield reserve bank of chlorine protection. Use the measuring cap that comes inside each package to fill your skimmer basket with the required amount of tablets for your pool size (see package label directions.)

* Sustain Summer Shield levels can be affected by splash-out and dilution (addition of water to the pool). To assure a proper Shield level have your authorized Sustain dealer test your Shield level every six weeks. For Summer Shield Chlorine Extender to be effective, it must measure 1.5 ppm to 5 ppm.