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Closing Your Pool: Warmer Climates

Of course, not everybody needs to close their pool for the winter months. For those of you who keep your pool open year round, continue using the Sustain System. You will find you do not need to add as much Shield Energizer and 3-Inch Chlorination Tablets to maintain a 1-3 ppm Free Available Chlorine level during the cooler months. Remember the Algae-Free Limited Warranty applies only to continuous use of the Sustain 3-part System (Sustain 3-Inch Chlorination Tablets, Sustain Shield Energizer Tablets and Sustain Summer Shield Chlorine Extender) according to label directions. For regions with longer swimming seasons, remember to re-dose with Sustain Summer Shield Chlorine Extender every 150 days to keep your Limited Warranty in effect. The Algae-Free Limited Warranty does not apply to pools that are closed or down for repair.