Pool Care >> Troubleshooting: Low Free Chlorine

Troubleshooting: Low Free Chlorine

(FAC <1 ppm)


Cause Immedicate Corrective Action Preventive Follow-up
High chlorine demand

Insufficient tablet delivery

Shock with Sustain Shock Treatment
Increase tablet delivery by one or more of the following actions:

  • If using adjustable dispenser lid, increase opening or remove lid.
  • If skimmer space available, use additional tablet dispensers.
  • Increase circulation time. Incrase flow through skimmer by opening valve fully, decreasing flow through main drain.
Check Free Available Chlorine (FAC) daily and adjust tablet delivery from the skimmer dispenser(s).
Low stabilizer level Have your dealer test your pool water's stabilizer level. If less than 30 ppm, increase to 50 ppm using chlorine stabilizer (cyanuric acid). Check stabilizer (CYA) at least every 6 weeks.