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Mantaining Your Pool: Maintaining FAC and pH

If the Free Available Chlorine (FAC) level is either too high or too low, there are adjustments you can make. The same is true for pH levels.

If Your FAC Level is too Low (less than 1 ppm)
Low FAC levels are normal following a rainstorm or pool party. If FAC is less than 1 ppm, simply add Sustain Shock Treatment or apply your weekly dose of Sustain Shield Energizer Tablets to restore the chlorine level. If FAC remains consistently low, you will need to increase the 3-Inch Chlorination Tablet delivery. Use Sustain Shock Treatment or Sustain Shield Energizer Tablets to quickly re-establish the chlorine level, and make one or more of the following adjustments:

a) Open or remove the 3-Inch Tablet adjustable dispenser lid.
b) Use additional tablet dispensers if skimmer space is available.
c) Increase your circulation time (minimum 12 hours per day) and/or
d) Increase the skimming (flow) action by opening the valve to the pump.

If you continue to have low FAC readings, take a water sample to your Authorized Sustain System Dealer. Your dealer will analyze your water, including a test for stabilizer, which might be low. Remember, as the weather gets hotter, increased amounts of chlorine will be needed to maintain proper chlorine levels.

If Your FAC Level is too High (more than 3 ppm)
If a high FAC reading persists, you should decrease the 3-Inch Chlorination Tablet delivery by using the adjustable lid. The smaller the lid opening, the less the delivery. If you continue to have high readings, contact your Authorized Sustain System Dealer. Remember to use Test Strips or a DPD Test Kit when testing for FAC. Do not use an OTO Test Kit, which can cause FAC readings to appear erroneously high.

If your pH level is too Low (less than 7.0)
It is normal for the pH of the pool water to drop after a heavy rain, when using muriatic acid, or when using pH Down. Unless the pH stays below 7.0 for more than 24 hours, don't worry about adjusting it, because use of the Sustain System tends to increase pH gradually. This is in contrast to stabilized chlorine tablets-often referred to as trichlor-which lower the pH of the pool water, potentially causing damage to the pool surface and equipment. If the pH does remain low for more than 24 hours, use pH Up according to package instructions.

If Your pH Level is too High (above 7.6)
To lower pH, use pH Down or muriatic acid, following dealer recommendations. The most effective way to reduce pH is to pre-dissolve pH Down or dilute muriatic acid in a bucket of pool water and, with the circulation system running, add it to the pool water gradually as you "walk" around the pool.