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Maintaining Your Pool: Sustain® 3-Inch Tablets and 3/4-Inch Shield Energizer Tablets

Sustain® 3-Inch Blue Chlorinating Tablets are the general sanitizing components of the 3-part system. They are designed to deliver chlorine consistently when used with their skimmer dispenser cups. Each tablet contains an erosion modifier that controls erosion across the top (exposed surface) of the tablet. Fill the skimmer dispenser cup with 3-Inch Sustain® blue chlorinating tablets each week.

Adjust the lid opening to increase or decrease chlorine delivery to maintain 1-3 ppm FAC. For in-ground pools, start with the lid off, and use it later, if necessary. For above-ground pools, start with the lid fully open and adjust as needed. Remember that chlorine demand increases with more direct sunlight, heat and greater pool use.

Shield Energizer Tablets should be used once a week to act as both a shock treatment and means for keeping Sustain® Summer Shield Chlorine Extender charged with added chlorine protection. Unlike the 3-Inch tablets, Energizer does not contain an erosion modifier. The tablets are designed to dissolve quickly (usually within two hours).

Add Shield Energizer Tablets each week. Remember to adjust pH to 7.2 (especially if it is 7.5 or higher) before adding Energizer Tablets. Add one cup per 5,000 gallons of water to the skimmer basket. After adding the Energizer Tablets, circulate continuously for at least 5 hours.

Your weekly Energizer treatment will be much more effective if your water has a pH reading of 7.2 before adding the Sustain® Shield Energizer Tablets. (It will also contribute to swimmer comfort.) For best results, test your water each week and make the necessary pH adjustments.